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With imagination in our hands ...

We design ventilation and air conditioning for both individual customers and corporate clients. Technical projects in this area can relate to all types of premises, f. ex.:
• banks;
• hotels;
• car showrooms;
• production facilities;
• conference rooms;
• restaurants;
• cinemas;
• public buildings;
• teaching buildings.

We also develop a comprehensive multi-branch projects, including:
• sanitary installations;
• electrical installations;
• construction;
• architecture.

We accept orders for projects of ventilation and air conditioning for different buildings, regardless of their size and destination.

Sample groups of orders:
• HOUSES, nowadays more frequently and willingly equipped with intake-exhaust ventilation. Meeting customers' expectations, we design the installation of intake-exhaust ventilation for houses based on the work of a heat recovery ventilation.
• BIGGER OFFICE BUILDINGS, where we execute most of the ventilation and air conditioning projects in a complex way, linking the two systems together by tooling of a thermal air in the ventilation system.
• GASTRONOMICAL OBJECTS, where we specialize in design of the intake-exhaust ventilation of the kitchen along with exhaustion by the hoods. Kitchen ventilation problem appears very often as a component of the ventilation systems of various buildings such as day nurseries, nursery or office buildings, not only with gastronomical destination.
• NETWORK OBJECTS, for which we design and manufacture air conditioning and ventilation systems based on the required standards. Our network clients are f. ex.: Inter Alia, Rossmann, Flower and Coffee. See our portfolio.

Bearing in mind the needs of our clients we provide professional and reliable service and selection of adequate air conditioning and ventilation systems of leading international and domestic producers.
Etis Company as a service station offers its clients a full range of services including air conditioning and ventilation units, both during the warranty and post-warranty period!



The Etis compny is the general contractor for the ventilation in the IBIS Styles hotel in Siedlce

Company Etis designed and made the installation of air conditioning and ventilation of the building at Kilinskiego street in Siedlce.
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