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Etis Company designed the air conditioning system in office building PKP ZLK in Ostrow Wielkopolski.

Company Etis Sp. Ltd. designed air conditioning system the office building of PKP Polish Railway Lines PLC Department of Railways at 30 Wolnosci street in Ostrow Wielkopolski.

The subject of the implementation was a project of a construction of air conditioning.
The building is an existing facility with five floors.
The installation was designed and done based on the air-conditioning system Multi V Plus IV LGE with a cooling fluid R410A. The building contains office spaces.

The project involves the calculation of the heat gains balance sheet , selection of device parameters, shows the layout of the proposed solutions, wiring installation of air conditioning.
Installation of air conditioning includes air conditioning of ground floor, I-III floor and automation system.
Air-conditioned offices will be using the wall air conditioners LG.
Each room will be equipped with the appropriate wall controller allowing individual temperature control in the range of 18-30 º C.
Working of air conditioning system will be managed by the central unit, optimizing the working conditions of equipment in the system.

Depending on the choice of the outdoor unit air conditioning system takes over the function of cooling or heating. The role of the master controller serves AC Smart Prestige.
It allows you to manage settings of all indoor units from the controller or when you switch to the network with a web browser from any location with Internet access.
The building will be operated by two air conditioning systems.
System 1: ground floor and first floor , System 2: Level II and III. Outdoor units of both systems are located at the outer wall on the ground floor.

Installation project was created in the Etis Design Department in Czestochowa.


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